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by Karen Webs

Wednesday, 5th Feb 2020 | 08:07:00 PM


There are many moving parts to having an efficient website that only a professional web developer can handle.

Based on hands-on experience – I can guesstimate that 8 out of every 10 people that need a website tend to be more cost-driven than quality-driven. The first question I get asked often times is this; “How much do you charge for a website?” to which I reply “Charges are determined by the scope of work that will be involved”. It is not possible to just give a rough figure without knowing what the website will entail. I have a pricing guide list that I use once I understand what the website will need to meet the client’s needs, but it is common for clients to enquire about the cost before they even consider the quality of the website they need.

When cost is your major influencer when getting a website, you will come across many cheap options ranging from cheap web designers to cheap do-it-yourself web templates, some of which purport to be free. In web design – you get what you pay for – you pay cheap you get cheap value. If you care about value, then cost should be your lesser concern and quality should be your top priority. We have all heard it said countless times that cheap is expensive, but the essence of that statement is critically accurate in the web development industry.

My advice to you when you decide to get a website for your business or to promote your cause is this – please get a professional web developer for your project. There are many moving parts to having an efficient website that only a professional web developer can handle. Your website’s success is going to rely heavily on what is happening behind the scenes more than what you see on the surface and this is where most people make the mistake of judging a book by its cover especially when it is also cheap.

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