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by Renju George

Wednesday, 27th Mar 2019 | 11:01:13 AM


The more you delay your response, the more you raise the chances of losing that customer to your competitors

Nearly every business today has some sort of an online marketing page on Facebook or other social media networks, and chances are that if you are reading this and you have a business of your own, you also have a marketing page on social media. That said, I am writing this article to bring your attention to the issues that your potential customers could be having when they try to engage you through your online marketing channels.


The first issue that could be affecting your potential customers is when they do not get a response from you in time or when they do not get a response from you at all. Most business people are often too busy offline that they understandably do not get the time to check on their online accounts. It happens to the best of us – as a matter of observation – it is the businesses that are in high demand that always tend to get overwhelmed with unattended online customers. While this might be understandable from a business’s point of view, it can be very frustrating from a customer’s point of view and at the end of the day – the customer is king.

When a customer messages you about a product or a service that you have advertised on your online page, they expect you to reply in the shortest time possible and much the better if you can do so immediately. The more you delay your response, the more you raise the chances of losing that customer to your competitors. When you fail to respond at all – the customers will likely conclude that they have been rudely ignored and they will never bother you again – which is not what you want as a business person.

The other common issue that could be affecting your potential customers is when you do not keep your word. This often happens when you promise a client that you will inform them when you get a product, service, or feedback about something they need and fail to do so. The reasons for failing to keep your word might also be excusable from your point of view but they are not as excusable to your customer. No one likes to be taken for granted, and failing to keep your word will most likely wind up driving your customers to the conclusion that you have taken them for granted.

The issues above can all be solved by making a note to periodically monitor your online marketing platforms and business emails where they apply. In the event that you are too tight on time to monitor your online engagement – consider delegating that task to someone qualified for the job. Better yet, do consider the services of a professional social media marketer because then it will not be just about engaging your customers but also about promoting your business on social media and beyond. That said, it is only fair that I bring it to your attention that Karen Webs also offers all online marketing services – you can check out all our services on this list.

Interested in getting an efficient website for your business or project? Please contact me on 0717 266 129 or email me at and we will engage productively from there. Till the next article, be well.

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