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by Karen Webs

Wednesday, 6th Mar 2019 | 11:51:32 AM


Even local customers are enjoying the convenience of searching for the services or products they need from local businesses with an online presence.

These days, all you need is your phone and an internet connection to search for things that would otherwise require too much of your time and energy. Need to find a house to rent in your town or another town? Just do a quick internet-search and you will find a house that matches your needs and budget in the estate of your choice. Need to find hotel accommodation? Need to hire someone or get hired? The internet will most probably get you a solution for anything you need. These days, if you own a business, it is essential to have an online presence because even local customers are enjoying the convenience of searching for the services or products they need from local businesses with an online presence. That said, here are a few free ways to give your business an online presence. [b]List your business on google for free[/b] All you simply need to list your business on google is to open a free google account if you do not already own one and then add your business name and address details, after which you will be required to verify and confirm your business. You can further use the free google business tools to create a mini-website for your business on google with the option to add your business location on google maps all for free. This especially comes in handy when people are searching for the type of services or products you offer in your area. Google also lets you add a link to your official website if you have one, which means you can tap traffic to your website from your free google listing. [b]List your business on business directories for free[/b] Think of the good old yellow pages directory – there are many online business directories where you can list your business for free today and the list of free directories keeps on growing each year. Business directories are quite similar to the google listing in that you will have to register a free account before listing your business in these directories and they will also give you the ability to link your potential clients to your official website if you already have one. The major difference between business directories and google is that while google ranks you for free depending on the relevance of your content to what the people are searching for, business directories will charge you a little fee if you wish to improve your ranking. Interested in getting an efficient website for your business or project? Please contact me on 0717 266 129 or email me at and we will engage productively from there. Till the next article, be well. Do you have observations of your own to add to this discussion? Please share them below in the comments to help empower each other. Was this article helpful? [url=] sign up[/url] to stay updated with our empowering conversations.


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