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Adding a link to your website on your social media marketing page can help you to get an audience for your website where you can then maximize on turning this audience into buying customers

Besides having a personal page, social media platforms such as Facebook also provide their users with options to create a marketing page for their businesses. The goal of these marketing pages is to enable users to promote their businesses to their Facebook audience for free, but users can also promote these marketing pages to audiences beyond their inner circles for a fee.

As a social media marketing page owner, you want your marketing campaigns to reach as many social media users on the platform of your choice as possible affordably. With this in mind, is using a social media marketing page to promote your business a substitute for having a website for your business?

[b]How social media marketing pages work[/b]

Social media marketing pages are easy to start and free to promote to your circle of social media audience. All social media platforms control the size of your free audience by limiting you to a certain number of allowed user connections. If you need your social media marketing campaigns to reach a significant fraction of social media audiences on your platform, you will have to pay for the numbers. If you are only hoping to promote your business for free, the social media platforms are not going to support your activity because by doing so, they know many people would rather advertise for free which would not be good for profits.

When you pay to promote your social media marketing page, you instantly get rewarded with impressive metrics about how big an audience you have reached, you get likes and reactions for the promoted post, and you might even go viral depending on the punch in your promoted post. In personal pages, such achievements have their rewards when compliments are the end game – however – in marketing pages, the end goal is essentially making money aka returns on investment.

Social media is a fleeting place, there is much clamor for attention mostly dominated by entertainment and putting your business in competition with this clamor for attention might make it difficult for your business to stand out even when you pay dearly to reach large audiences. When your marketing page gets a slice of this attention, visitors are only able to see as much as your social media platform of choice has empowered you to show them which is quite minimal, compared to what you would show on your website where you have unlimited control over the features you employ to enrich the user experience of your web visitors.

[b]How websites work[/b]

When you own a website, you have total control of all the aspects of online marketing; you control your space, your design, your features and most importantly – your return on investment aka ROI. The main challenge that you need to overcome is getting a value-adding audience for your website which you can manage at a much affordable rate than you would with just a social media marketing page. Another great thing about websites is that they are not limited to a particular platform. Websites are globally accessible to anyone with an internet connection which also means the size of your audience is also not limited.

It is also worthy to note that when online customers are searching for products or services either on google or other search engines, the results displayed are rarely ever from social media platforms but rather from websites providing the searched products or services.

[b]How they both fit together[/b]

While only using a social media platform has its limitations when seeking to do any other thing except from advertising your business, adding a link to your website on your social media marketing page can help you to get an audience for your website where you can then maximize on turning this audience into buying customers, a process known as conversion.

And there you have it – a brief insight into why a website is definitely worth the investment for your business even when you already have a social media marketing page. Interested in getting an efficient website for your business or project? Please contact me on 0717 266 129 or email me at and we will engage productively from there. Till the next article, be well.

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