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by Karen Webs

Wednesday, 2nd Jan 2019 | 12:04:17 PM


It is only failure if you do not learn anything from it and make a better try out of it the next time round

Happy New Year! – now usually, I write articles that are mostly about promoting businesses online, but this being my first article in 2019, a brief moment of self reflection is quite in order. Each New Year brings new hope – we all hope things are going to be much better for each of us in 2019 than they were in 2018, but is hope enough to make it so? What is it going to take to make 2019 a better year than 2018 was? Is each of us willing to do what it will take in our own individual ways to make 2019 personally fulfilling?

Before I delve into 2019, allow me to share my thoughts on 2018 a little bit; 2018 had its fair share of ups and downs, but above all, I am grateful for 2018. Here is what I observe all along my experiences – we tend to find it easier to complain than we do to be grateful. We tend to focus more on what we do not have than what we have and I guess that’s just human nature – but learning to be grateful for what we have can make a world of difference in our individual lives. If we focus on what we do not have, we end up with so much to complain around and be depressed about. If we focus on what we have, we end up with so much to build around and be grateful about.

Now I know this might be sounding like one of those motivational talks and whatnot – but all I am saying is that for each of us to end up with a 2019 that we will actually be grateful about – we will have to be determined to make it so. People like to say that time will tell – but the fault in waiting for time to tell is that we shift our duty to this faceless thing we call time. I say take up your duty to build the type of outcomes you hope for in 2019 and utilize this thing we call time to achieve your desires – in other words, your duty will tell. Let your duty utilize all the time it needs to succeed, and remember that it is only failure if you do not learn anything from it and make a better try out of it the next time round.

Happy New Year and stay tuned for informative articles lined up for 2019 on this platform – Cheers.


Karen Webs

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