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by Karen Webs

Wednesday, 21st Nov 2018 | 09:07:43 AM


Being a career web designer, I will coach you with a hands-on approach on all the web design concepts that you need to excel in the web industry today.

While schools are still closed for the long holiday season – I’d like to take this opportunity to invite you to the one-on-one web design lessons that I offer on a part-time basis mostly on evenings from 4pm to 6pm although time flexibility can be and is usually mutually agreed upon. Web design can be a very fulfilling career especially if your passion is more inclined towards innovation and creativity; if that sounds like something you are all about, this article might just be what you’ve been searching for…

[b]Who is this course for?[/b]

At the moment – this course is suited for Nyeri town residents as that is where I offer the lessons, and it is particularly ideal for people who would like to acquire web design skills from beginner to advanced level. The course is also ideal for students on holiday with interest in acquiring a practical understanding of web design and the skills to match.

[b]What will you learn?[/b]

Being a career web designer, I will coach you with a hands-on approach on all the web design concepts that you need to excel in the web industry today. You will learn the difference between the frontend and backend design as well as how to scale the two to become a full stack web developer.

You will learn how to integrate HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MYSQLI to build advanced web applications such as ecommerce platforms, blogging applications, database-driven websites, and social-media applications all from scratch.

You will also learn the business side of web design which covers topics such as search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), and much, much more.

[b]What will you need to get started?[/b]

Having a laptop will be an advantage on your part for exercise purposes, not to mention that you will also be able to directly access all the software and learning resources available from my web design library. In case you have a desktop computer, then having a portable hard disk or a capable flash disk will facilitate the resource sharing process.

[b]What about the tuition fees?[/b]

The web design tuition fees will be determined by the number of learning hours per week, starting from KShs 500 per hour. To factor affordability, the more hours you commit to, the greater the discount is going to be per hour with an option to negotiate on a per-package basis.

[b]How about booking?[/b]

To book the web design course, you can reach me on phone via +254 717 266 129, and you can email me via and we will progress accordingly. Please pass on the message to all the potential takers and I will be grateful with a token of appreciation for you, cheers.

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