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by Karen Webs

Wednesday, 15th Aug 2018 | 11:59:47 AM


You should never stop researching on how to add value to your business and even align yourself with the front runners in your market

Being your own boss is awesome – especially when you also happen to love what you do even if it means that all you do is shine shoes on the street. Being your own boss means that you are in control of your own time, your own potential, and perhaps most importantly – your own income. Sounds easy, but there is a reason why many able people fear being their own bosses and in this article, I am going to share the truths that have kept me going forward since I ventured into being my own boss.

[i]Truth #1: You Are 100% Responsible For Your Success or Failure[/i]

Personal success is a gradual process that requires your personal responsibility all through. Many beginners tend to rush the success process and when that fails, they are then quick to blame the government, the economy, their imaginary ill-wishers, and so on and so forth.

[i]Truth #2: You Cannot Hurry Success[/i]

You cannot get to success by skipping any of the stages – you have to start small and grow big as the demand requires you to do so. Starting big when your business has not yet established a matching demand is most likely to result into massive losses that might lead you to a premature closure of your business, which would have otherwise flourished into a successful enterprise in due time.

[i]Truth #3: You Have To Keep Evolving[/i]

Times change, and you either keep up or get left behind. Being your own boss, you are solely responsible for staying on track with the changes in your market. This being the case, you should never stop researching on how to add value to your business and even align yourself with the front runners in your market rather than align yourself with the runners up.

[i]Truth #4: Your Mindset Is Key[/i]

This should have been the first truth but I had to save the best for last. Cultivate a mindset that motivates you to grow at your own pace. Business competition is real – but you should focus more on being competitive value-wise and growing your client base. Avoid competing on a peer level with your competitors; for example, you do not need to rent a bigger office to impress your peer competitors who have recently rented a bigger office. Grow at your own pace and your voyage of being your own boss will likely be a blissful one.

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