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A quick way to determine whether your products or services have an online demand is to perform a search for them yourself

Thinking of starting a website for your business? This article is going to shed some insights on these two key questions – Is a website a worthy investment for your business? And – how much does a website cost?

[b]Is a website a worthy investment for your business?[/b]

It depends with the market that your business targets. If your business only targets the market in your small community area – then a website might not be an ideal investment for your business. The businesses that target a small community area such as roadside vendors and neighborhood shops are usually convenient for customers within that area of access and they also tend to serve the same customers on a daily basis. Having a website for a business that is only conveniently accessible to people who live right next door to that business is not an investment that is likely to yield much unless you can also offer significant deliveries across town.

On the other hand – if your business serves a wide variety of customers on a day to day basis – having a website can help you become accessible to more customers that are searching for your type of product or services online. A quick way to determine whether your products or services have an online demand is to perform a search for them yourself; and if you spot websites that are trying to serve the same market as yourself – it would be a worthy investment to ensure that your potential customers lurking on the internet can engage you.

[b]How much does a website cost?[/b]

This is a question that I get asked a lot of times being a web developer – and people tend to overlook the issue of quality when asking about the price – meaning they tend to go for the cheapest options not realizing that compromising on quality is a major mistake where website development is concerned. The short answer to how much a website cost is that it depends on the quality of hosting and the simplicity or otherwise of your website’s functionality. The cheapest options in the market right now are drag-and-drops such as Wix and Wordpress templates with a lot of compromise on performance due to unnecessary bloat and limits on functionality due to incompatible plugins.

It will save you a lot of disappointment when starting a website to just find a professional web developer who can create a custom website based on your present and future needs because your website will definitely perform faster and function exactly as your business needs require.
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