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by Renju George

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All social media platforms are set up in a way that gives your free activity a very limited and slim exposure that revolves around the size of your followers

Which social media platform is the best for promoting your business? The list of social media platforms can get quite long but the most common ones at the moment are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Google+, StumbleUpon, and Quora. Let’s say you decide to promote your business on all the social media platforms that I have listed above – how well can you keep up with 10 social media platforms all at once?

Depending on how active you want your social media marketing strategy to be, you might need to hire several social media managers to keep up with all the activity consistently. If on the other hand you have to manage your social media marketing on your own and all you need for now is an ideal social media platform that allows you to do the most with the least time and resources – I will tell you why I personally prefer Facebook as my primary platform while keeping Twitter and LinkedIn as my secondary platforms.

[i]The first thing to be aware of is that all social media platforms exist to make money from advertisers.[/i]

Since your objective is to promote your business on social media – all social media platforms are set up in a way that gives your free activity a very limited and slim exposure that revolves around the size of your followers. When you pay to advertise, your exposure is then extended to the size of the audience you have paid for over a limited period of time. Facebook is in particular thoroughly invested in social media advertisers and it provides a very straight forward promotional functionality. For instance, Facebook allows its users to create free business pages for their businesses that come with all the analytic-features that an advertiser values.

I only recently created my [url=]business page for Karen Webs[/url] with a mission to tap Facebook traffic to my website where prospective customers can interact with my business website, and even though I am yet to start paying to advertise, my google analytics indicate that I still manage to tap a bit of Facebook traffic to my website for free. I will be sure to share my experiences with paid advertising and any other efficient social media marketing strategies that I am yet to test.

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