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by Karen Webs

Wednesday, 4th Jul 2018 | 01:56:49 PM


Creating a substantial audience in your Facebook group to sell to advertisers requires patience, knowledge, and marketing resources.

Facebook is free – because it makes money by selling its free audience to advertisers. Selling an audience to advertisers is a lucrative business; all you need is a substantial audience to sell to advertisers. If for example you can create a Facebook group for consumers around a certain product or service, chances are high that people who sell products and services related to your group of consumers are going to pay you to advertise in your Facebook group. That is basically the motive behind the many business groups created on Facebook with names such as ‘Buyers Market Place’.

Idealistically, the concept of starting a Facebook group targeted at advertisers sounds like a very sound business plan but what would it really take to become a successful income generating project? Numbers are essential – the more followers you have in your group, the more advertisers are likely to consider paying you to place an advert in your group. While your group might have an impressive quantity of followers, seasoned advertisers are also going to consider the quality of your audience before they consider doing business with you and they generally do this by assessing the type of engagement portrayed within your group.

Advertisers want to be confident that paying to place an advert in your Facebook group is not going to be a misuse of their advertising funds by checking to see that your group is sufficiently active and potent. In the event that an advertiser makes new customers through advertising in your Facebook group, chances are high that this advertiser is going to spend more advertising funds in your Facebook group and even refer other advertisers to your group. Creating a substantial audience in your Facebook group to sell to advertisers requires patience, knowledge, and marketing resources; but once you have it well established, you will definitely have advertisers willing to pay to advertise in your Facebook group at a fee that is proportionate to the size and quality of your audience.

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