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by Karen Webs

Wednesday, 26th Feb 2020 | 09:33:00 AM


Make it easier for your online customers to find what they are looking for and even much easier to access it.

Marketing is vital in reaching out to customers – but in ordinary circumstances – it is the online customers that find you ‘out of the blue’ that actually buy your products/services. By ‘out of the blue’ – I mean customers who just needed something and so they searched for what they needed in a search engine that just happened to list your product in the search results that they retrieved. In other words – you don’t find online customers; it is the online customers that find you.

Online-marketers spend long hours doing email-marketing and other direct-marketing approaches but the challenge with these methods is that they tend to have the ‘barking up the wrong tree’ effect. On a random scale – marketers consider it a win when one direct-marketing opportunity goes through for every dozens-or-so-effort that does not materialize. No one said direct marketing was going to be easy – they said it was going to be worth it in the end – sometimes.

I am in no way discouraging hard work – I am merely encouraging smart work. Smart work begins with the realization that on an ordinary day – it is the online customers that find you – and this realization drives you to make it easier for your online customers to find what they are looking for and even much easier to access it. Having a web presence makes your product/service viewable from anywhere in the world – but can the product/service be accessed from anywhere in the world? Perhaps you are an author and you have a great website that promotes your books for example – are your physical books distributed locally or can they be exported to interested customers from around the world? How cost-effective is international distribution of your physical books? Do you have your books in eBook format to make international distribution more efficient and cost-effective? The book example is relatable to many other products/services in the online marketplace and the basic idea here is to ensure that your means of distribution are convenient for the customers in your target area and you can deliver on demand.

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Karen Webs

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