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by Renju George

Monday, 30th Apr 2018 | 09:50:01 AM


Content updates plus creative networking signals the search engines to prioritize your website in their ranking results.

In the first part of this blog – I remarked about the way a significant number of new website owners does not renew the hosting plan for their websites due to varying disappointments – and so this second part of the blog will take a look at one of the most common website-disappointment and how it can be resolved and prevented altogether.

[b]The Neglected Website[/b]

The primary objective of having a website is to boost your brand’s visibility – hence there is often that new excitement when launching a new website coupled with high hopes of a visibility breakthrough. Your brand is now on the World Wide Web, and you look forward to an increased flow of customers now that your brand can be viewed and contacted from any part of the world. With the proper networking alongside well informed online marketing strategies – your brand can indeed thrive on the World Wide Web – but the challenge here is that many new website owners rarely follow-up on their websites enough after launching.

It is common for example – for new website owners to pay little to no attention to their websites as soon as the initial excitement fades away because they expected the website’s impact to be felt overnight but technically – a new website takes a few weeks to a few months to be fully established in the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, et cetera – and constructive activity in following up the website or the lack of it during this phase is very crucial to how the search engines interpret and prioritize your website. In other words, neglecting your website signals the search engines to neglect your website as well whereas following it up with content updates plus creative networking signals the search engines to prioritize your website in their ranking results.

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