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by Karen Webs

Monday, 30th Apr 2018 | 09:48:31 AM


There are always customers online searching for the services your business offers.

Having a website is one thing, and having a website that actually lives up to its purpose is another thing altogether.
There are a couple of things you need to consider before you pay to have your website created and hosted otherwise you might wind up deeming the website idea as a total waste of your time and money.

I am talking about what marketers call ROI (return on investment) and a good number of startup websites do not renew their annual hosting plans meaning their owners do not see the value of renewing the hosting plans and that amounts to a case of misused money and time.

Websites are a great and cost-effective tool for marketing your cause to the internet village, but you need to understand how to attract the prospective internet visitors who will add value to your cause. Each business has the customers it targets and there are always customers online searching for the services your business offers, meaning the first and most important step in your website project is to learn how to be visible to the customers searching for your products and services.

You should ensure your website is created around this goal by providing your web designer with the 'pitch' that your business needs to communicate. Potential customers are likely to value your website and even contact you if they feel the pitch your website demonstrates quality and reliability. Of course a good web developer will guide you on the best practices the websites in your niche adopt and further ensure you supply him/her with
appealing content such as web-friendly photographs and the like; but I will get into that bit and more in the part 2 of this blog which will be out soon.


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